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du 19 juin 2019 au 20 juin 2019    ÉVÉNEMENTS


Event and Project Idea Pitching Session in Valencia Co-located with EUCNC

  • Visit the CELTIC Exhibition and discuss with project teams 

Results of about 15 commercially important CELTIC projects will be presented in an exhibition taking place from 17-21 June at the EUCNC 2019 in Valencia. Project prototypes will let you experience technological progress in an interactive and playful way. The project-teams will explain and demonstrate to you outstanding research results.

  • CELTIC Event

Business Impact session of CELTIC projects and forward looking keynotes will be held on the topics Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and industry 4.0.

  • Witness the CELTIC Awards

On 19 June 2019, four CELTIC projects will be awarded for their outstanding work. Three recently finished projects will receive a CELTIC Excellence Award. In addition one project finished more than one year ago will receive the CELTIC Innovation Award for outstanding market impact. Awards will be presented to the winners by the CELTIC Chair and Vice-Chairs and the national Public Authority of the coordinating country of the project.

  • See the Agenda of the CELTIC Event

Project Idea Pitching Session:
Use the opportunity to network with proposers and experts. On 20th of June the event will include a session on innovative project ideas, where you can meet other experts from the ICT community to discuss emerging R&D needs and proposals for related collaborative projects. This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to present your company and your expertise to offer project ideas for collaboration and to find the partners for future CELTIC projects.
Please use this opportunity to present your CELTIC Project Idea and fill out the following form as soon as possible but not later than 5th of June 2019: pitch registration