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EIT Digital Master School Business challenges

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EIT Digital Master School Business challenges

Do you have a business case to crack?
Take on-board EIT Digital Master School students to boost your business

The EIT Digital Master School offers you master students – skilled in Digital technologies, with operational competences in innovation and entrepreneurship – to crack one or more of your business challenges with a fresh view.

► You are

  • An EIT Digital Innovation Activity, or
  • A scale-up supported by EIT Digital, or
  • An EIT Digital partner company.

And you have an innovation or new business development project – in the digital industries or relating to digital transformation – where you would like to:

  • Boost your business analysis when exploring potential business concepts/models and/or go-to-market strategies, on specific aspects like macro-level market needs or conditions,
    business environment, culture, regulation, competition, suppliers, partners, environmental and sustainability issues, etc.
  • And/or assess a (related) ICT technology’s impact and business potential for alternative applications and/or markets. Assess conditions for its deployment, including social, economic, political, legal and environmental aspects.

Such needs could be for your current EIT Digital Innovation Activity or as a pre-study for your 2020 Activity.

► Opportunity for you?
We offer you access to an international pool of young talents, full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas, ready to tackle your challenges and produce real results.
In the second year of each Master School programme, between September 2019 and March 2020, our students must apply their business analysis skills and competences on real business challenges for a period of 3 to 4 months. They will work in groups of 3, 4 or 5 people and conduct this work at their university under academic supervision.
The average time invested by each team on your business case is 300 hours.
The students’ will apply a robust business analysis methodology consisting in:

  • framing the business challenge with you
  • choosing appropriate business analysis tools
  • collecting data
  • interpreting, critically discussing, making recommendations and reporting.

Students will deliver a report with a range of perspectives, conclusions, and recommendations.
This opportunity is free of charge for you.

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